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Human Support Corporation is a global support organization providing direct relief to people in Bangladesh. Our goal is to help those less fortunate gain access to the tools and resources they need to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

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The people in Bangladesh need our support. People who immigrate to the United States from Bangladesh also need our aid.

That's why the Human Support Corporation focused on:

  • Saving lives: When people have access to food and proper healthcare, their quality of life improves.
  • Saving farms: Farmers are crucial in Bangladesh. With your support, we're able to help them provide for themselves, their family and the community.
  • Saving homes: Your donations will help a family keep a roof over their head.
  • Saving schools: Proper education is the foundation of success. Help immigrants and people in Bangladesh access healthcare.

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Did you know that 28% of children in Bangladesh are malnourished? Additionally, nearly 30% of the general population are impoverished. When you donate to our global-support organization, you're helping men, women and children improve their quality of life.